Ceramic PEEK Sheet

  • Product No:Kyron 2204 Ceramic PEEK
  • Manufacturer:Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Inc.

Kyron 2204 ceramic composite PEEK material has excellent dimensional stability, ductility, low moisture absorption and excellent mechanical strength. Kyron 2204 is the raw material of the dense mechanical parts. It can resist high temperature and chemical corrosion. There are two kinds of white and grey colors to choose from.

Dimensional stability:

Kyron 2204 has excellent dimensional stability from -40C (F) to 500+F, all with a few size tolerances

Low hygroscopicity:

Kyron 2204 has little hygroscopicity and almost no change in size. It can maintain stable size and mechanical properties even in high humidity environment.

Thermal stability:

Kyron 2204 can be maintained in a wide temperature range.

Stable mechanical properties

Chemical corrosion resistance:

Kyron 2204 has excellent corrosion resistance against chemical agents, and has excellent defense function for strong organic and inorganic reagents.

High strength and hardships:

The anti Kyron 2204 and bending die are not modified.

More than two times as much as a project.

High purity:

Kyron 2204 has been verified to have high purity and cleanliness.



  • 0.25*10*10''

  • 0.08*6*12''

  • 0.375*10*10''

  • 0.5*10*10''

  • 0.75*6*12''


  • 0.25*12*12''

  • 0.08*6*12''

  • 0.375*12*12''

  • 0.5*12*12''

  • 0.75*6*12''