PP, PE Degradable Additive

  • Product No:Polymateria
  • Manufacturer:Polymateria

A world’s first biodegradation technology capable of 

delivering full biological decomposition on PP & PE 


• Advanced catalytic system¹ able to transform PP & PE 

materials into a bioavailable wax which naturally occurring 

microorganisms can easily assimilate 

• Unlike Oxo-degradation, no microplastics² or toxic substances 

are left behind post-degradation stage 

• Time controlled process to allow optimal use phase and 

recycling recovery, if recycling option is available 

• Tested & certified to international biodegradability standard 

(BSI PAS 9017)³ underpinned by EN, ASTM and ISO standards 

(ASTM D5988/ISO 17556)

• Verified through ISO/IEC 17025 accredited independent 3rd

party. Lab data cross-checked with real world conditions


▪ Formulated as a drop-in Masterbatch Each, at either the Resin manufacturing or Packaging manufacturing stages

▪ Technology is tailored to the resin’s footprint, application profile and required use life

▪ Fully compatible with biobased or conventional feedstock polyolefins

▪ Compatible with the normal plastic conversion processes which limits cost and enhances scalability

▪ No impact to product performance, mechanical properties or functional benefits

▪ Allow for recycling to happen with no adverse impacts through unique time-controlled process

▪ Typical loading rate: 2% weight percentage (wt%)